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by HeyLasFas!

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Sound Check
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Sound Check Another Great song from HeyLasFas!
I Love the energy the song has and has also reminded me that I need a Haircut
Puro Cyon
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Puro Cyon It's like Cardiacs made an anime theme and this can only be a good thing.
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A short story about finding inspiration in pain.
It's okay.

You don't have to lie anymore.

--- part of "the artist" ---


I think I must've fell asleep
Or maybe I'm still dreaming
It's fine.
I know now I'm awake.
These four walls we're surrounded by
Don't change these roots I'm sprouting
It's fine.
It's not that I don't like
The dry taste of formaldehyde
On my tongue
Or cancerous

I'm here
But I can't
Tell the difference
Between life and
Death but I know
The transition's Art.

I think I feel beside myself today
I must have missed our circumstance
Or maybe I'm the outside looking in
A cry for help I could not push away
For a hundred concepts laid to rest
Now to kindle these embers that burn
Yet another piece of me (Burn brighter)
Don't tell me you know
'Cause I know people lie.
It's more fun on the ground than anyone admits.

I might just still be in a haze
Of pleasure or frustration
It's fine.
I'm used to this anyway.
Remembering this fever dream
Where colors did not have names
It's fine.
Then you showed up and

Took me far away from here
It didn't matter what we did
I'd still find inspiration
I'd still know information
I'd still know everything I was
But now I'm having trouble

One: I know my full name.
Two: I know how to dress myself.
Three: I know where I can use the restroom without anyone complaining about how long I take.
Four: I need a haircut.

At least I'm sure about that last one.

I think I feel beside myself today
You know I'm bad with circumstance
Or maybe I'm the outside looking in
This reprisal comes without a delay
Collapsing in a public space
And knowing that you might not be okay
Losing marks for losing face (To ashes)
And you think you know
'Cause I can't help but cry.
It's more fun on the ground than anyone admits.

I think I feel beside myself today
It's lashing out at circumstance
You know I'm bad with circumstance
I lost myself in circumstance
I'm terrible with circumstance

And I'm still coming to terms that I might not know what being happy feels like.

But I'm getting better.
And you're getting better too.
So despite all of this mess I'm still glad against all odds we both made it out alive.
(..... ...)

I think I feel beside myself today
And moving past the circumstance
I might still be the outside looking in
But for the first time I might feel okay
I thought about it much too hard
And my head itches, so I'm still awake.
And I'm glad you're stuck with me
A feeling I can't shake, everything's alright.
It's more fun on the ground than anyone admits.

It's more fun on the ground than anyone admits.


released March 19, 2017
the artist




HeyLasFas! Kirkland, Washington

A lone experimental progressive rock musician with an affinity for the magics of sound design and audio engineering. A magician of sorts.

Based in the Seattle metropolitan area, and the writer of Nightfall, and Destiny HeyLasFas! is bringing back storytelling in the conceptual album, one progressive rock track at a time.

Always open for performances, email with details!

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