Someplace In Between The Plight of The Experiment and Fifty​-​Something Miniatures

by HeyLasFas!

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This song is about a girl who makes a friend. It ended up being eleven minutes long. Be sure to check out the YouTube video for hidden goodies!


I must've heard it twenty times
But still I sung the lyrics wrong
I lost myself amongst the rhymes
That’s when she helped me sing along
She told me all ‘bout her
I told her all ‘bout me
We talked about life, school, and almost everything
I might've dropped three letter grades
Focused on passing notes instead
Wrote all about my favourite things
I saw the way her note read:


I could have that sworn that yesterday
A day I never thought would end
Couldn't happen any other way
Than home alone with
A blanket in my room
And wrapped in a cocoon
Experiencing lazy afternoons
But I guess something had to change
I probably should have taken notes
To leave this sheltered room behind
To change the way I feel.
Maybe now
Is still a possibility

A pastel room I’d never seen
With muted blues and tinted greens and
Nearly sixty figurines
I’m shaking here ‘cause I was
So scared
of the one who would break this shell
I’m so glad it was you
“What’dya do at class today?
Tell me about your new friend”

She’s alright
She’s just fine.
She has like fifty miniatures in her room
She’s a total nerd and
I’m a total nerd
With encyclopedic knowledge of nerdy things
“I’m sure you two will get along”
She’s the perfect friend.

This world was built methodically
And here was I, the architect
With a little grin on her face
Happy to see it wrecked
(uh) Brick by boring brick
This old blueprint won’t stick
The Grand Design is surely coming quick

I must have went out twenty times
It’s nice to have a friend along
So clear you’d almost hear it chime
A surfaced “nothing wrong”

And in a flash of
Fresh stained skin
The colours danced deep within

The marks I wish I’d never seen
With muted blues and tinted greens and
Hints of old recoveries
I’m shaking here ‘cause I am
So scared
There’s nothing I can do to
Talk some sense into you

How do you say
You’re in too deep when you’re
Hiding bruises underneath?

She’s alright
She’s just fine
She says to herself crying in her room
This digital notice says
“One new messages”
The words he said had burrowed in her chest
Shivering from rejection
She’s not one to beg.

She’s alright
She’s just fine
She just might be a little addicted
But she just can’t let go
And I'm the one who knows
She doesn’t need these abusive relationships
Been too many to let it show
Tell me the bastard’s name

“Deep breaths
And take care of yourself
I know how much it hurts now”
You don’t know how she changed my life
And I know I’m not the one to pick fights
But I dealt with so many people like you
And I’ve been in her shoes so listen when I say

How do you cope or be a friend with someone so cute it makes you want to die?

She saw bruises
She saw blood
You won’t have to worry about that creep anymore
It’s not the first ass I kicked
Well, it’s the first ass I kicked
I got beaten pretty hard myself
But you should see the other guy
I... don’t feel like myself.

I know I’m not okay right now.

I know that I can’t hold on.

I remember the look you had on your face
When you told me that everything would be okay
Where everything that was would never be again
Where someplace in between we’d grow as closer friends
Only left with some memories we replaced
The world seemed so bright in our little place.
Should have known to ask if you felt the same.
I guess I picked that up along the way.
And when all of the lies came back to guard the truth
Well, the only thing that mattered now was you.
Remember when we watched the sun as it passed
Knowing infectious you made that last?
Remember when you told me it’d be okay?
For the first time, I held you a different way
Remember when you told me it’d be okay?
For the first time, those fears went away.
Remember when you told me it’d be okay?

Remember when you told me I’d be okay?


Remember when you fell asleep in my lap?
Remember when you told me...

“. …. .. …. ….”

She’s alright.
She’s just fine.
I guess they must've made up in the end
Maybe something she said?
As long he doesn't use his fists to talk again


She’s alright.
She’s just fine.
I just hope this letter reaches you well
And for how I have been
My grades are up again
Always one call away til’ the very end
I still sing the lyrics wrong.

With love, signed
Your best friend


released February 3, 2015




HeyLasFas! Kirkland, Washington

A lone experimental progressive rock musician with an affinity for the magics of sound design and audio engineering. A magician of sorts.

Based in the Seattle metropolitan area, and the writer of Nightfall, and Destiny HeyLasFas! is bringing back storytelling in the conceptual album, one progressive rock track at a time.

Always open for performances, email with details!

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